This exhibition features about 15 new large size oil paintings created by Savadov in 2018. It is built around the idea of big dreams. Big dream of a big guy (Gulliver diptych), big dreams of a small guy (Napoleon, and Napoleon inspired imagery), American dream (Angel with ‘American’ wings) and my favorite ‘Thunderbolt’ roller-coaster with an extended female hand and her index-finger electrifying a spark reminiscent of a child dream.

Savadov is a big guy well visible in a room among his paintings. His style reminds the manner of Neo Rauch. Each painting is perfectly executed. Visually, this exhibition is a fine compilation of variety of images, symbols, objects and figures. The artist says: “I simply swim in the ocean of images important for me personally and as an artist.”

For those who want to “swim” in a small universe created by Savadov come and see this show on view through December 17, 2018.

In the latest taking on art, social justice and greed two artists, Tanasiv and Mekasso attempt to get pop art radical. Paintings by Tanasiv and sculptures by Mekasso on view at in Westport, CT through August 25, 2018 seem to be inspired by Rene Magritte’s paintings and George Segal’s sculptures and dressed into “Dollar Bills” of Andy Warhol. “Money is on the surface” says Mark Krueger, the gallery owner who goes by the name Mekasso. For Oksana Tanasiv her art represents “corruption, political manipulations and greediness…” to name a few.

Who is the greatest artist of all times? Poussin, Rembrandt, Courbet… no, Koons. Why? Because we can’t stop looking at Koons’ “blue mirrored, hand-blown glass gazing ball” placed in the center of each “old master” painting. Art history can not be re-written but it can be re-layered over and the new “gazing ball” layer makes it more beautiful, more admirable and indeed more collectible.

When all across America family and friends got together to celebrate July 4th in an old fashion manner – BBQ, Alex Melamid could not let go of art.He came up with a brilliant idea to grill art. The result “… the canvasses are still hot” wrote the artist.

Solo exhibition ‘4.5.0’ of Zinaida opened at WHITE BOX, New York on June 1, 2018. ‘4.5.0’ stands for military communication coding and means “all is well.” Ukrainian army initially started using this coding at the active combat in Eastern Ukraine against the Russian aggression. Eventually, army veterans adapted this coding to everyday language upon their return home. ‘4.5.0’ – “all is well.” Exhibition dates June 2 – July 5, 2018.The exhibition featured live performance “Transformation” aka “Kalyna” on June 1, stills from the film “Mute” featuring women of Maidan portraits and  artist’s film Bila Truna (White Coffin) 2017.ARTREHUD sessions with New York war veterans that took place both at the gallery and at VA hospitals in the Bronx and Manhattan. Initially, ARTREHUB was started by Zinaida in Kyiv as volunteer-based initiative that provides psychological rehabilitation for Ukrainian soldiers who suffered trauma as a result of an ongoing war in Ukraine.On June 12 Zinaida held an artist conversation with Hugo Huerta Marin discussing the exhibition as well as transformation of Ukrainian society in light of current events in Ukraine.The exhibition will close tomorrow, July 5 with a day-long “Final Action” fasting in support of Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian filmmaker on hunger strike in Siberian prison.

Presentation of ‘Abraham Manievich’ book took place at the Lviv National Gallery on June 12, 2018. The book was presented by Alan Pensler. This publication was co-authored by Mimi Ginzburg.