Yuriy Savchenko

Yuriy Savchenko was born in 1935. He is a graduate of the Kharkiv Institute of Art and Design, where he received professional training at the Theatre and Decoration department, from well-known teachers P.A.Shigimaga and Y.M.Stakhanov. His landscape and still life genre-paintings interpret the world as an emotional grasp of the reality in a fine lyric. Yuriy Savchenko’s expressionistic style offers dynamics of the touch of an unusual multi-color mosaics with some fine textured strokes of oil paint over the canvas. A number of paintings are dedicated to Slobozhanschyna, author`s native country. “…the artist lets the spectator feel the melody of fine color shades, allows one to look at the world as a unity of diversity.” The Ukrainian Institute of America held an exhibition entitled “Central Park and Fifth Avenue” in 2005. The artist lived and worked in Slavyansk and maintained a studio in Kharkiv but moved to the USA in 2012. He presently lives in Detroit area.