Oleh Denysenko

Also known as Oleg Denysenko is a graduate of the Ukrainian Academy of Printing. Inspiration for his etchings comes from the old Northern Renaissance masters. Mr. Denysenko describes his work as `Art-Chemystry`, which is an actualization of spiritual energy through the creative imagination and skills of the artist. Presently, Denysenko is creating sculpture, oil paintings and levkas (an old technique of icon painting) to create impressive original artwork that take same inspiration as his well known intaglio. For more information you can visit Denysenko`s website www.olden.com.ua

Antiqvitas Nova, Art of Oleh Denysenko (Ukrainian Painting, Art of Ukraine) Paperback. 

by Oleh Denysenko (Author) (Author), Oleh Sydor-Hibelynda (Foreword) (Author), Oleh Dergachov (Contributors) (Editor), Orest Holubec (Contributors) (Editor), Yaryna Koval (Contributors) (Editor), Oleh Denysenko (Illustrator), Olexiy Iutin (Art photographs), (Photographer), Vitaly Chernetsky (Translator), by Oleh Sydor-Hibelynda (Foreword) This artistic and brilliantly designed monograph of Oleh Denysenko opens to a viewer a new world. The world full of utopia philosophers, self-sacrificing knights, eternal pilgrims, king and queen puppets, secret keys, labyrinths of illusional personalities and undiscovered emotions. Illustrated are intaglio, linocut, lithographs, drawings and artist’s books as well as paintings and sculptures that the artist has created for the period of 17 years, from 1990 through 2007. This is a highly anticipated publication for all those who admire and collect works by a world known Ukrainian printmaker, Oleh Denysenko. In English and Ukrainian, 160 pages, soft cover. Full edition of this publication has sold out. Used and new copies of the publication can be found on amazon.com at prices per copy ranging from $208 for used album to $596 for a new one.