Jacques Hnizdovsky Jacques Hnizdovsky was born in 1915 in Ukraine. He left Ukraine in 1939 and in 1949 came to the USA. His first achievement came in 1950, when he received an award for his woodcut at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts print exhibition. Same year the artist moved to New York and in 1954 organized his first exhibition of oil paintings, ceramics and sculpture. In 1956 Hnizdovsky went to France where he stayed for almost two years. He had two exhibitions in Paris and moved back to US in 1958. His works were acquired by numerous institutions, among others by Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown State University, Ohio, University of Delaware and University of Washington in Seattle. Hnizdovsky was widely known for his woodcuts. His personal style is very distinct and well known to art collectors and connoisseurs. The artist died in New York in 1985.

woodcut edition of 120 individual number 104 1978
Green Cabbage
oil on canvas, 20x24 inches / 51x61 cm 1973