29.06.2022 Arsen Savadov ‘Gulliver’s Dream’ exhibition at HG Contemporary in Chelsea, NY

This exhibition features about 15 new large size oil paintings created by Savadov in 2018. It is built around the idea of big dreams. Big dream of a big guy (Gulliver diptych), big dreams of a small guy (Napoleon, and Napoleon inspired imagery), American dream (Angel with ‘American’ wings) and my favorite ‘Thunderbolt’ roller-coaster with an extended female hand and her index-finger electrifying a spark reminiscent of a child dream.

Savadov is a big guy well visible in a room among his paintings. His style reminds the manner of Neo Rauch. Each painting is perfectly executed. Visually, this exhibition is a fine compilation of variety of images, symbols, objects and figures. The artist says: “I simply swim in the ocean of images important for me personally and as an artist.”

For those who want to “swim” in a small universe created by Savadov come and see this show on view through December 17, 2018.