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GALLERY » Iwan Trusz (1869 - 1941)
  • Green Field, Vicinity of Lviv, 1900s, oil on wood, 24.5 x 50 cm
    Green Field, Vicinity of Lviv, 1900s, oil on wood, 24.5 x 50 cm
Artist's Bio

Ivan Ivanovych Trusz was born in the village of Vysotsko, near Brody in Halychyna Region of Ukraine in 1869. He was a prominent Ukrainian painter and art critique. Iwan Trusz studied at Krakow Art Academy in the studios of Leon Wyczó³kowski and Jan Stanis³awski in 1891-1897, in Vienna in 1894 and in Munich in the studio of Anton Azbe in 1897. Iwan Trusz traveled to Crimea in 1901-1904, Italy in 1902 and 1908, Egypt and Palestina in 1912. The artist settled in Lviv in 1898 and became active within Ukrainian artistic and intellectual circles. He initiated professional artists organization in Western Ukraine (1989), Society to endorse Ukrainian Literature and Fine Art (1905) and organized the first Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists. Iwan Trusz published the first Ukrainian art magazine  «Art courier» («Артистичний вісник»). The artist read public lectures on art and literature, published numerous critical articles on the subject of art. Iwan Trusz was a very prolific artist and painted over 6,000 paintings over his lifetime. He is known for the following series of paintings: Flowers, Fields, Jewish Cemeteries, Winter Landscapes, From the Life of Stump. Iwan Trusz’s first exhibition took place in Lviv in 1899. Over his lifetime, the artist exhibited in Ukraine, Poland as well as in London, Vienna and Sofia. Iwan Trusz died in Lviv in 1941. A major posthumous retrospective exhibition was organized in Lviv the same year. Today, the two largest collections of works by Iwan Trusz can be found at the Lviv Art Museum and in the collection of Ada Trusz, artist’s daughter.



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